Keith J. Lee

FDM for the design of the Munich Olympic Stadium

I am a PhD Candidate in Building Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, under the supervision of Professor Caitlin Mueller in the Digital Structures research group. I was previously advised by Professor Colin Rogers at McGill University, where I received my B.Eng (Civil) and M.Eng (Structural) degrees.

My research is centered around Structural Demand Analysis: quantifying the variation of geometric and material properties necessary to realize a carbon-optimal design. I investigate and define uniqueness and similarity in the context of structural demand. Unique demands have unusual stress distributions or geometric requirements that have the largest material (re: embodied carbon) penalty when rationalized. Similar demands share common properties that can be sized and designed together to minimize complexity while providing material-efficient solutions. I achieve this through the lens of Information Geometry: by interpreting structural demand and capacity as abstract geometric objects (points, curves, and functions embedded in n-dimensional space), uniqueness and similarity can be captured through accompanying measures of distance.

This work is enabled by the parallel development of high-performance computational algorithms for structural analysis, optimization, and geometric analysis. All computational work is open source under the MIT License.

This website is very much a WIP.